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Discuss any hurling events here, such as the World Championships of Punkin' Chunkin' (WCPC). Have an event in your area you want us to know about? Post it here!

New Registrations

Postby The Admin » Mon Dec 19, 2022 7:53 pm

I've disabled automatic user registration (fill out a form, click an email confirmation, done). I'm sorry to do this, but we haven't gotten a legit new user signup in a very, very long time. I'm deleting several spam accounts per week. If things were busier here, it wouldn't be that bad, but since it's quite quiet other than the spammers, I'm done playing with them!

If you would like to join this forum, you still can! Please just drop me an email at info_AT_hurlingforums_DOT_com (replace _AT_ and _DOT_ appropriately) with a desired username and email (if different than the one you send from). I will be happy to setup the account for you!
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