New Hurl Site Works For Me.

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New Hurl Site Works For Me.

Postby Walker » Sat Mar 01, 2014 7:15 am

Just what I said: This new hurling site works for me.
Good job, Matt.
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Re: New Hurl Site Works For Me.

Postby Ripcord » Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:14 am

Okay Matt, we gotta spammer on-board. "CamIrremo" in the main message forum. ( viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11 )
This is going to be a continuing issue, so if you need some assistance in deleting these postings, give me a holler. I don't code, but I can push a 'delete' button as well as anyone!
Yea, I got tons of time on my hands these days...
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Re: New Hurl Site Works For Me.

Postby madmattd » Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:27 pm

Thanks Ripcord. I saw that this morning and already banned the account. There's some extra anti-spam measures for registration that don't rely on the often-cracked captcha thingys that I'm going to enable (they aren't hard for legit humans to deal with either). It should help greatly. Or maybe not. Time will tell.

The good news is that if spambots are finding these forums, other folks should soon too :)
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Re: New Hurl Site Works For Me.

Postby SpringTreb » Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:00 am

Thanks for starting this site. I have resolved my login problems. Good to see some familiar names posting here. :)

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